Monday, January 15, 2007

Value of computer literacy and on line education

Computer knowledge is the most important factor in toady’s life style. Through internet we can easily communicate and share information in a globe way.Computer knowledge is today’s world necessity. Computer is the most important thing in every field. There are so many online courses available in the Internet to know about the new technology with a very easiest and cheapest way. It provides educational opportunity for those unable to attend college or institute because of the lack of money or time. Through on line education, we can share our knowledge and make every lecture more attainable. On line education is like learn together policy. It gives every member a good feelings and responsibilities of learning and doing things together. When we are doing such a task together so that time it must be important to share each and everybody experience to each other.

On line education is a new way to interact between student and teacher. Every task , information and books are available on the website. And anyone can easily access and download it according to one’s needs. To introduce net related education at school level will make children more intelligent and they will grow as computer kids. Their knowledge level will definitely improve. If kids will improve their computer knowledge in a initial stage so it will give them a tremendous opportunity in their future. So they can easily understand and visualize thing in a very proper way.So computer knowledge is very important and if we concern about the future, so it will provide a great exposure to everybody. Because computer is today’s world need. To make someone up-to-date, the only key is computer literacy. Everything is available on the net but you have to know how to access it.